Day 1: some lessons learned

Alright, so hopefully this saves someone out there some trouble: if you’re creating a Freelancer profile, select all of your skills at once. I didn’t, and know I’m only able to select eight of the total of twenty. Such is life. As my friend Lee said, I’ll probably make a lot of mistakes while trying to create an independent income, and I need to fail often and make it through those failures as quickly as possible.

On a more encouraging note, I’ve found a couple of interesting leads on the Freelancer job boards. I might be able to create a solid income just doing product design and CAD/CAM which looks like a lot more fun than writing blog posts for someone else’s website at $0.50-$0.80 per page (not a typo – that’s how little the going rate is). With a little work, I think I could also begin bidding on the WordPress jobs and learn more about web development. Possibilities.

What happens next?

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