Momma said

I realized today that with freelancing I’ve most likely signed up for a lot more days like this, days where you spend hours running into the same wall, unsure if you’ll be able to figure out a way through the barricade you’re facing. But I hope at least most of those days will end as this one just has, with a bit of success.

Today has been largely discouraging. Actually, only the afternoon was rough, but as often happens, it’s overshadowed the better morning. I’d picked up some software and just. Couldn’t. Get it. To work. It’s now almost 1 a.m., and I’ve finally gotten the install to work correctly.

Other parts of the day were better. I started a bit later than ideal, but I think that’s going to be a gradual adjustment. Going from English teacher hours to engineer hours will take a few weeks.

I’d mainly wanted to figure out my focus over the weekend, and after a bit of research, I know what to do: I’m going to focus on drafting, 3D technical modelling, and product design. Long term I’ll learn more about green production and focus the business in that direction, but today I have enough to start with.

I’ve written a business plan using the one-page form from The $100 Startup , a good resource for small businesses in general. And after a bit of research, I’ve also registered a new domain using SiteGround hosting. The service seems good and prompt so far, with live customer support guiding me through the initial stages of setup. Once I’ve got a basic site working I’ll post a link to my new business page.

Stormy days can have beautiful sunsets.


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