Reigning It In (part 1)

Because there will certainly need to be a part two after I’ve done more research. Here’s the dilemma: I want the client to be satisfied, but I also want to finish the job and move on. I thought I was thorough with my proposal, but I didn’t account for how often the client would come back asking for changes. And some bug changes, not little ones. Moving from a single arch to a curling ribbon. A nearly complete mirror design with a flat bottom to one that’s oval. Changes that effect the project time long coming down the day I’d hoped to finish. And I didn’t set up a way to deal with it.

But I will. My buddy suggested limiting the number of edits, which in my case I think will look like a stage gate process. Nail down the basic form using sketches, agree on it, then move forward — with no going back. Model the concept, then allow aesthetic tweaks. One round of aesthetic edits. Then the price ticks up.

At least, that seems the solution for now. I’ll do some research and share what I find. But let me warn you: never, ever bid a job without preparing for the edits.

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