Today I got my first $1k+ payment; coming in at 10:54pm and $1890.35, it’s a sign I’m moving up into the majors. Well, out of little league, at least.

This morning I was torn. The first part was unproductive; I actually surfed the internet a bit during work time, a first since starting this business. Part of it was because I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Christmas, and I wanted to find the motto (see the end of the post) for LIFE magazine quoted in it. The film was amazing, inspiring me again to pursue greater freedom and adventure, and really making me want to see both Iceland and the Himalayas.

But a larger reason I was distracted this morning is I hadn’t received funding for either of my two current jobs, and I was concerned that they might fall through. I was torn between the idea of working on them to get a head start on my busy next few weeks and the idea that if they haven’t paid, then I shouldn’t start work yet. I was worried.

Realizing that helped. I gave myself the option of either taking the day off or beginning sketches for the sprinkler job. I gave myself the option, and that felt good. I wasn’t trapped anymore. I chose to take a risk on the hours of work.

In a slight compromise, I also decided today was a good day to buy some existing sprinklers to compare designs, so I got a nice ride across town in. While out there I found a beautiful little coffee shop and decided to do the sketches there. I feel, completely without substantiation, that I was more creative in that open space with a fountain. Who knows? But I can say I enjoyed working there.

And that took the first big load off my mind. This job, which I thought I might fail at, actually looks like it will be quite simple. A lot of analysis, but a simple concept. After an hour I had five concepts, one of which I’m pretty certain to use.

This afternoon I decided to take another step and create the report, including more attractive sketches. These were purely for the customer to see the ideas I had; they didn’t create any value for the project, but they’ll hopefully ensure the perceived value of the work I’ve done.

And tonight, success. The escrow has been funded, the funds have been released and now I’m 1890.35 USD wealthier than when I woke. Even better, I’m closer to building a fully portable lifestyle with a business that can support me wherever I roam.

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw close to, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of LIFE.” – LIFE magazine motto, as quoted in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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